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So proud of our wonderful families for donations over the advent period - Merstham Food Bank will ensure this goes to many people locally who need a little help this Christmas. ❤️


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Kilnwood Vale Primary School: Southgate Primary School: Forge Wood Primary School: Our West Sussex schools have one more open event each before the deadline of 15 January 2019. Look out for the attached advert on the back cover of RH Uncovered - January 2019 edition.


Lovely article remembering the sacrifices of so many! Proud of our wonderful children.


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Fantastic making links between & We enjoyed receiving our first Thank you!☺️❤️


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We’ve just published 'The English curriculum – bigger than the sum of its parts' by on our TES blog


Oracy, is an essential life skill. Speaking and Listening play a massive part in our development.


Liam, you should go to Kevin his MA was on student voice


This is a shoutout to all of those people who have been bullied by cruel people. Bullying is not a good thing, so let's stop it now!


Just because someone looks different, doesn't mean they are different.


If you're being bullied never hesitate to tell a teacher. There is always someone to help you.


Tell people you trust.


If you are being bullied ask the bully to politely stop.


Class C have today written advice for students as part of our anti-bullying work: tweets to follow.


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This I pledge to always . You can too.


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Working at a school and considering a change? Thinking of returning to the profession? Starting your NQT year in September? Speak to to find out about our varied opportunities throughout the trust. We're looking forward to speaking with you.


We had an anti-bullying lesson today - remember if you are getting bullied talk to someone!


If you are being bullied you should always tell a teacher or trusted person. 'tkeepitinside


Bullying is the worst, from physical bullying to verbal bullying they are all equally horrible. Don't hold back, tell an adult.


If you're being bullied, don't ignore it. Tell an adult, teacher or trusted adult. Do not be frightened, somebody will help you. Remember you're not alone.


Today we have launched our work on choosing respect - Class B have been writing advice on how to deal with potential Bullies.

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Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Beard: Headteacher

Mrs K Cole: Deputy Headteacher

Mrs L Strachan: Assistant Headteacher / SENCO / DSL  

Mr K Briggs: Assistant Headteacher - Learning & Teaching


Teaching Staff

Mr K Briggs: Teacher of ITP, Computing and Religion & Philosophy.

                     Learning Mentor for 7B

Mrs K Cole: Teacher of Science and Food Technology

Mr B Geraghty: Teacher of P.E. and Science

Mrs L Harkness: Lead Teacher of the Arts

                           Learning Mentor for 7C

Ms S Munro: Teacher of Maths

Mrs J Nordberg: Teacher of ITP

                           Learning Mentor for 7A

Mrs C Reid: Teacher of MFL

Mrs L Strachan: Teacher of English


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Mrs E Lees: Headteacher's PA / Office Manager 

Mrs S Calder: Office Assistant

Mr M Leach: School Business Leader