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Please share with people you know. Great opportunity to make a big difference for so many young people working with and his team.


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Acting Deputy Head Teacher South East Apply now: Closing date: 20th May 2018 Start Date: 1st September 2018


It was great meeting so many families at our Uniform Fittings this week. We will be offering another date in May - Info to follow.


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Fantastic news for East Surrey as council backs scheme for new secondary school


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We have our last vacancies for Sept 2018 in MFL & Geog: Join us to in the Hums Faculty with


We are looking forward to opening in September!


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Another superb blog from Referring to neuroscience, she explains how misconceptions occur. After noting the common ones, she reiterates the importance of teaching concept, of taking small steps, slowly, and of keeping cognitive load low


We wanted to thank parents and carers who attended our curriculum evening. The following link allows our KS4 options to be viewed:


To apply for the teacher of D&T - please click the following link:


Lead Teacher of The Arts - to apply please click the following link:


Parent and Carer Curriculum Event - Thursday 15 March from 6.30pm at Lime Tree Primary on Batlebridge Lane. Look forward to talking to students and parents.


Thank you to the 35 attendees at the MPS recruitment event last night. Thanks to the wonderful for hosting ,learn,flourish


A really great example of how we can bring learning to life using skilled professionals to help support great work by staff in school. 👏👏👏


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We are currently advertising for a Receptionist and Communications Lead to join our new school office team part of . Please go to Job ID.825030 and share with potential candidates, especially in the & area.


Teacher Recruitment Event for MPS is postponed tomorrow at Lime Tree Primary due to the severe weather! ❄️❄️


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An early start to


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6 months until opens! Using to practise its snow closure procedures ❄️☃️


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Merstham By: 30th Jan For: Sept 18 Assistant HT required at brand new school opening in Sept 18. Successful applicant will lead provision for students with additional learning needs.


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Are you interested in a career in teaching? Then come along to the 'Get into Teaching' event on 6th February, 6.00pm-8.00pm at Glyn School (primary and secondary).

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Headteacher's Welcome

"I am delighted to be Headteacher at Merstham Park School opening in September 2018 for the benefit of the East Surrey community. Merstham Park will be a student-centred school, one that promotes family identity and values."

Martin Beard, Headteacher, Merstham Park


Headteacher Biography

For many parents and carers it is important to know that the Headteacher of their child's school is suitably experienced and will ensure that everyone continues to grow, learn and flourish. I have a unique educational leadership experience. Having worked for seventeen years within two high performing secondary schools 2014 saw me take the role of Headteacher at Salfords Primary School, which had been placed into Special Measures.

As the former Deputy Headteacher at a local outstanding secondary school I know what it takes to provide an exceptional education for all in a comprehensive school system. My previous roles include: Curriculum Leader, Assistant Headteacher - Raising Standards, Head of Year and Head of House. At  Merstham Park, I will utilise my experience and expertise to provide a great school experience for all students. 

My leadership experience within both secondary and primary will help us shape the best of both sectors to ensure our provision is driven by excellent practice in learning and teaching to ensure the best possible outcomes for all students.

Learning is central to our ability to function within tomorrow’s world. Our students will be equipped with the tenacity to pursue their dreams and ambitions to become successful citizens of the future. Bringing the real-world to life through practical exploration and a project based curriculum will be a priority for student learning at Merstham Park. We will welcome parents to be true partners in their children’s education, working with us to enable all students to achieve beyond their expectations.

We will provide our students with outstanding resources and support in every aspect of school life from learning and teaching to staffing and subject specific expertise. The community will benefit from the brand new state of the art facilities tailored to develop students’ unique skillsets. We will furnish the school with inviting and interactive classrooms and learning environments, providing fresh opportunities to explore the unknown. This will all be informed by up to date research and initiatives delivered by enthusiastic and passionate staff committed to providing your children with the very best education experience. I look forward to taking the next step with you on our journey through the next stage of your child’s education.
If you would like to register your interest to work at our brand new school, please click on the link here to complete our short form. If you have any questions about recruitment for the new school, please email the GLF Recruitment Team at or call 020 8716 4987
Also, please don’t hesitate to follow us on social media for regular updates. You can do so by clicking here. I look forward to becoming part of the East Surrey Community.

Mr Martin Beard, Headteacher