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Our grief is secondary to Martin’s wife, children, siblings and extended family and to his close friends for whom this loss is immeasurable. We extend our sincere condolences to them and they will remain uppermost in our minds in the forthcoming days and weeks.


This has come as a terrible shock to us all. We are heartbroken to have lost such a gifted, kind and popular Headteacher who has had such a profound impact on the lives of the children and colleagues in all the schools in which he has worked.


It is with great sorrow that we announce the very sad news that Mr Beard, our Headteacher passed away on Friday 17 January.


Retweeted From MPS Arts

Some of the year 7 and 8 “Toyota Dream Car” competition entries . Creative, imaginative, and many designed to help save the earth 🌍 🖼 🎨 fingers crossed for our students!


Students arrive for 8.30 and then lesson starts at 8.45am. Prevents lateness and allows a prompt start to period 1 - thank you for asking . 😊


Retweeted From Martin Beard

Looking forward to welcoming our lovely students back to school tomorrow - 8.30am, correct uniform and equipment please.


Looking forward to welcoming our lovely students back to school tomorrow - 8.30am, correct uniform and equipment please.


Retweeted From Jon Chaloner

A remarkable term has come to a close across . Thanks to all colleagues for their graft this term. Wishing all children and families, governors, volunteers and colleagues a wonderful break.


Retweeted From Robert Brooks

Congratulations to our trainee teachers on completing your first term! Have a well-deserved Christmas break.


Link to our school newsletter below: Merry Christmas to one and all 🎄


Retweeted From Kevin Briggs

Students performed superbly at the Christmas Show tonight. Deepest respect to Mr. Johnson for managing the evening brilliantly. Photo shows thanking students for their bravery and enthusiasm.


Retweeted From Kevin Briggs

Excellent quick guide to social networks, apps and games. Useful for parents and carers to discuss and share with their children.


Retweeted From MPS Arts

Each student created fabric poppies in school to lay at Merstham Memorial today. We were joined by The British legion & members of the local community for a service & 2 minutes silence. The students made us proud. “We will remember them”.


Retweeted From Merstham Primary School

Well done to our Nursery, Reception and KS1 children for their wonderful performances of 'The Magical Christmas Journey' this week


Thank you Mrs Harkness for organising once again.


Retweeted From Kevin Briggs

Great cross-curricular links to ITP / Geography


Well done 8B!


Retweeted From Frank Kelly

1/2 coud you hep us publicise that next saturday 30th help our wounded are pulling a sleigh from London to Brighton and will be coming through Merstham between 10 and 10:30. Need lots of local people on the route to cheer on.

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Assembly Overview 2018-19

At Merstham Park School, formal year group assemblies are an important part of our SMSC programme and are used to re-enforce those values, which cohere our school community into one, which is acceptant, tolerant and respectful of others. 

Assemblies take place each week on designated mornings and are designed around themes with messages and key words, which are followed up in form time discussions and during timetabled subject lessons. Assemblies are used to embed the teaching of British Values.


The 2018/19 assembly programme:

10th-15th September 

School Consistencies and Plagiarism            

A chance to welcome the students and remind them of our expectations of maintaining a high level of progress, behaviour and achievement at Merstham Park and that all will be treated fairly and equally. We will also use this assembly to remind students on the rules of plagiarism to ensure all work is original and reflective of the hard work we put into Merstham Park School.

17th-21st September             

Building update, open evening info and cyber-safety update 

To educate our students on the dangers the internet can present to them and to teach them to behave responsibly online. The messages here are further emphasised in PSHE.

24th-28th September 

Attitudes towards the opposite sex and sexuality

Following on from the previous week’s theme; in today’s world our students are surrounded by multiple media platforms that can influence their behaviour towards each other, this assembly is designed to tackle negative behaviour towards sexuality, gender bias and gender-reassignment. 

1st-5th October           

The Battle of Cable Street   

The 4th October marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street. Students learn of the great effort to halt the Fascist and particularly anti-Semitic march led by Oswald Mosely, even in the face of great danger to themselves. We celebrate this fighting and collective spirit to fight for what is right.

8th-12th October        

HT Theme: Access to Justice (BHM) 

To kick-start our celebrations for Black History month, Mr Beard will explore the theme of access to Justice. Whilst we recognise the huge achievements of Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, we must face the sad reality that people still suffer from injustice as a direct result of their race. The aim here is to ensure that students regard Black History month as something to celebrate but to recognise that the narrative is ongoing and still incomplete.                               

15th-19th October      

HoP Theme 

To ensure the needs of each year group are being met accordingly and addressed. This also allows Head of Personalisation to reward students and celebrate their achievements.

Half Term Holiday

29thOct- 2nd November         

HT Theme: USA - presidential elections – one year on – Impact of President Trump       

What does it mean for America and indeed for the rest of the world? Mr Beard will use this assembly to show the importance of this election and explore the reasons why Trump became a candidate in 2016 with a large support base.

No assemblies from 5th-16th November due to examinations and assessments

19th-23rd November 

Guru Nanak’s Birthday-The Importance of Equality

Sikhism is entwined with equality and what better theme to focus on as we observe Guru Nanak’s birthday this month. The assembly will look at the many examples of inequality our world has seen and show how it important it is to be equal with each other.

26th-30th November          

Cultural justification behind FGM      

This year our students will study the practise of FGM and how to recognise the signs if anyone they knew was/is in danger of this illegal practise. We will look at the cultural justification as to why this happens to expand our students’ knowledge of this prevalent problem that continues to occur, whilst also reminding them of where students can go for help.

3rd-7th December

Christmas around the world

Our second assembly looking at religious festivals and how they are celebrated around the world. Our focus here is Christmas and how different countries have adopted different traditions to enjoy the season.

10th-14th December 

HoP end of term celebration  

A chance to celebrate the achievements of each year group and reflect upon the last year before some well needed rest.

Christmas Holidays

7th-11th January        

What is the point of PSHE?

As we start a new year we also start a new strand of PSHE lessons focused on careers. We take this time to address students opinions of PSHE and provide evidence that we have been listening to their comments to improve the subject. This assembly will explore the benefits of the subject particularly addressing how it will help with life after Merstham Park School.

14th-18th January      

House Assemblies

Celebration of our achievements at the end of term one and the beginning of term 2. This assembly is to be led by the House Leader and House Captains.

21st-25th January      

HT Theme: China - global powerhouse

In 2007, China overtook Germany to become the world’s third largest economy, three years later they overtook Japan to become second, behind America. It has been predicted that by 2025 they will overtake America and due to the state of growth they have been experiencing it will not come as a surprise. Mr Beard will take a closer look at the power in China to understand how this has all been possible.

28th Jan- 1st February 

Holocaust memorial week: The dangers of radicalisation  

We will use this assembly to actively promote our Prevent strategy in school using the Holocaust as an example of how easy it was for people to become radicalised and then become perpetrators of horrendous crimes. We will use these lessons of the past to ensure it never happens again.

4th-8th February         

Safer Internet Week

To educate our students on the dangers the internet can present to them and to teach them to behave responsibly online. The messages here are further emphasised in PSHE.

Half Term Holiday

18th-22nd February 

Examinations and Qualifications- why should I think about them now?

Many students adopt a laissez faire attitude to examinations, particularly when they are not in an exam year. This assembly will ensure that students understand the importance of achieving qualifications to succeed after Merstham Park. This assembly will link to the PSHE strand of Careers, which they will be studying simultaneously.

No assemblies from 27th February to 10th March due examinations/assessments.

11th-15th March        


As part of our ethos, we want to ensure our students treat everyone they meet with respect, and that includes himself or herself. This assembly will tackle behaviour that can be harmful to both their physical and mental health and to show students how to get out of that mind-set/quite certain behaviours that will have a detrimental affect on their lives.

18th-22nd March        

HT Theme: Capitalism and the food industry

Ideally, the food industry’s main priority is to provide us with a variety of options using the best possible ingredients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, profits are first and foremost in this capitalist society. Mr Beard will explore this theme questioning the ethical implications of this on both the consumer and the employees. 

25th-29th March        

HoP end of term celebration 

A chance to celebrate the achievements of each year group and reflect upon the last year before some well needed rest.

Easter Holidays

15th- 19th April           

The importance of The Pesach (The Passover). But does Slavery still exist?         

As we come back from the Easter holidays we take time to reflect on one of the major Jewish Holidays- the Pesach (Passover). We will explore the story of the Exodus, in which the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt, compare to modern day examples of slavery- asking the students to reflect on the idea that slavery can still exist in many forms, and continues to this day.

22nd-26th April 

HT Theme: The nation state – and its diminishing role in the global economy and its security  

Globalisation has changed the nation state, but the question remains, by how much? For our benefit or to our detriment? Mr Beard will be addressing this question and more for his assembly.

6th-10th May

Mental Health Awareness      

To celebrate Mental Health Week we take our last assembly before the examinations start and tackle the stigma behind mental health. We promote the importance of looking after oneself, particularly during stressful times and give advice on where to get help. 

13th-17th May 

HoP own theme           

To ensure the needs of the year group are being met accordingly and addressed. This also allows Learning Mentors to reward students and celebrate their achievements.

No assemblies between 15th May and 30th June due to summer examinations and assessments  

1st-5th July

HT Theme: What makes communities?        

The feeling of belonging is a vital component to our success and we are very proud of our Merstham Park community. This assembly explores the ways in which we can forge and strengthen our own communities. 

8th-12th July

Looking back to move forward           

As our academic year draws to a close it is now time to reflect upon how well we performed this year. Did we achieve as much as we could, and if so how can we repeat this? Alternatively, maybe we made a few errors this year that hindered us in some way. Reflecting on the past year and recognising our strengths and weaknesses will enable us to start afresh in the New Year and help us to achieve success.

A chance to celebrate the achievements of each year group and reflect upon the last year before some well needed rest.

15th-19th July

HoP End of Year Celebration   

A chance to celebrate the achievements of each learning group and reflect upon the last year before some well needed rest.