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Without willing volunteers like you Lynne, so much is left undone. Hope you had appropriate Risk Assessment?


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Ramadan is over. Eid is tmrw. Please remember to ask your students on Monday if they had a lovely Eid. And it would be great if you said Eid Mubarak to them.


We are proud to be taking some lovely Year 6 students from Salfords.#grow,learn,flourish


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Great support, care and guidance offered to enable you to grow, learn and flourish!


Been a busy couple of weeks for our Headteacher visiting our new Year 6 pupils!


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I enjoyed the transition visit to Wray Common School for Merstham Park. , learn, flourish


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A huge thank you to staff at Reigate Priory for a positive transition visit for Merstham Park School.


Set up at All Saints Church Fair, Merstham.




Please share with people you know. Great opportunity to make a big difference for so many young people working with and his team.


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Acting Deputy Head Teacher South East Apply now: Closing date: 20th May 2018 Start Date: 1st September 2018


It was great meeting so many families at our Uniform Fittings this week. We will be offering another date in May - Info to follow.


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Fantastic news for East Surrey as council backs scheme for new secondary school


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We have our last vacancies for Sept 2018 in MFL & Geog: Join us to in the Hums Faculty with


We are looking forward to opening in September!


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Another superb blog from Referring to neuroscience, she explains how misconceptions occur. After noting the common ones, she reiterates the importance of teaching concept, of taking small steps, slowly, and of keeping cognitive load low


We wanted to thank parents and carers who attended our curriculum evening. The following link allows our KS4 options to be viewed:


To apply for the teacher of D&T - please click the following link:


Lead Teacher of The Arts - to apply please click the following link:


Parent and Carer Curriculum Event - Thursday 15 March from 6.30pm at Lime Tree Primary on Batlebridge Lane. Look forward to talking to students and parents.

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Student Voice

At Merstham Park School, students come first and their opinion counts.

They are encouraged to be actively involved in school life and are given a voice in all aspects of school life including the quality of teaching and learning.

Their democratically elected peers represent students at the School Council. The Head Boy and Girl along with the Deputy Head Boy and Girl and the House Captains are central to the decision-making processes of Merstham Park School.

These roles come with great responsibility. As a Student Leader, they are expected to be role models for all other students and to support the staff in maintaining standards. They are always expected to be punctual, smartly turned out and work hard to achieve their full potential. They are also expected to make themselves available for public duties.

We want to empower our children to take a full and active life in their school. All students are encouraged to take responsibility through the Student Leadership programme, whilst some students such as the school’s IT Champions take an active role in supporting and leading the school in 21stcentury learning platforms.

The Student Council take place on the first Wednesday of every month and students are able to issue invitations to staff in order to increase their knowledge of issues that affect them and to explain different aspects of school life.

Students also take part in “learning walks”, where they visit lessons and make their own comments on the quality of learning taking place. This feedback is used to help the school improve the quality of the learning experience.

Finally, students are responsible for producing the Merstham Park School Newsletter, which is distributed to parents and the wider community monthly.