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We are proud to be promoting our ‘High 5ive’ values with our community.


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Looking forward to showing prospective families around our new school in the coming weeks.


Looking forward to showing prospective families around our new school in the coming weeks.


Great for MPS students to visit the Merstham Hub and use the community Library.


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KS1 SouthEast (Croydon) By: 30th Sept For: Jan 19 Part-time Teacher required at the Ofsted rated 'Outstanding' This is a job share role in year 1 for up to 3 days. Call 020 3750 6090 to arrange a visit at the school.


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My sons new school - he is loving it and is inspired to try his hardest - those who know him know how momentous that is!! Thank you for an awesome start!


He has made a fantastic start - we are extremely proud of him.


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A flurry of tweets from just then! A great first week back.


Student Quotes for Week One: Isabelle “I have really enjoyed my first week of school because I have made really good friends already”. Romanie “everyone’s been really nice!” Alice “I enjoyed Performing Arts because you can choose your character and there’s no right or wrong”.


Student Quotes for Week One: Charlie “It was awesome...” Jessie “I have a lot more new friends now”. Halle “I loved it because I got to make new friends and I like the team spirit”.


Student Quotes for Week One: Demi “I enjoyed meeting our new teachers”. Kellie “I enjoyed trying new things”. Jack “I enjoyed dodgeball and the treasure hunt because it was really fun”


What a great first week at MPS! Two images showing students playing the alphabet game - can you work at the two words?


We all had a fantastic first day at MPS! Walking Bus, time to get to know Learning Mentors and introductions to many lesson areas.


Looking forward to welcoming all our brilliant young people today for their first day of secondary school.


Thank you to an amazing set of staff in helping to organise our school to receive the children on Monday! Stars - each and everyone!


Looking forward to welcoming all our students on Monday. Our Walking Bus will be collecting first thing.


Very positive news received this evening regarding our school future.


Thank you for your positive support.


We wish you well as you begin the all-through journey too Hannah!


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Exciting stuff seeing our school site starting to take shape today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard in the first few weeks?

There will be some differences between Primary and Secondary school when you first join us at Merstham Park School (MPS). However, you should not worry too much about it; you will learn your way around quickly and it should not take long for you to get used to how Merstham Park School works.  There is a great team here to support you and if you are finding it hard come and speak to us and we will be able to help you.

What will happen if I lose something?

If you lose something, go to Reception where we will have a lost property box. Please make sure that you name all of your items (including uniform) as it is much easier for us to ensure anything you lose is returned to you.

What happens if you forget your home learning?

We would not recommend ever forgetting your home learning, however if you do then you could get a warning from your teacher the first time, or a detention after that. If you fail to do your home learning because of family reasons or illness, come in with a signed note from your parent/carer explaining the situation.

How long will it take me to find my way around?

It will not take a long time for you to find your way around, but for the first few weeks you will be given a map and teachers will be very understanding if you are slightly late for your lessons. If you are lost or unsure where you class are learning, please feel free to ask anyone in the corridors and they will be happy to help.

Can I bring a mobile phone into school?

You are encouraged not to bring a mobile phone or iPod to school. If you decide to do so it will be at your own risk! You are not allowed to have them out during lesson time unless a teacher has allowed it in a lesson.  Mobile phone and iPods are not allowed to be used during break and lunchtime. 

Will I need to bring my PE kit on the first day?

No, you will not have PE or Games on your first day.  

Which language will I study?

You will have the opportunity to study both French and Spanish.

How much home learning do you get in a week?

Over a week, you can expect up to 6 pieces of home learning a week. 

When will I find out which House I am in?

Students will find out which House they are in on the Transition Day.

Are you allowed to wear trainers?

Trainers are not part of the School Uniform. If you are injured and need to wear trainers, you will be required to have a signed note from parents or carers in your planner.

How long are lessons?

Lessons are either 50 or 60 minutes in length.

What clubs are there for Year 7?

There is a huge range of clubs that Year 7 can join.  Below is a list of some of the clubs we are considering:
• Sporting Clubs - football, rugby, basketball, badminton, cricket, athletics, and netball
• Drama
• Music
• Science
• Maths
• Lego
• Computing
• Mindcraft

What happens if you are late to a lesson?

The first few weeks you will be given a map and teachers will be very understanding if you are slightly late for your lessons. However, they will expect you to be on time after this, as you will know your way around. If you are late to a lesson, the teacher will put a late mark in the register and an accumulation of these will lead to a late detention; individual teachers may also give sanctions. 

Is secondary school fun?

Yes of course!

What sports teams will there be at Merstham Park School for Year 7?

There will be a whole range of sports on offer at Merstham Park School for you to take part in. In the winter months, there will be Football, Rugby and Netball, as well as Table Tennis, Basketball and Badminton. In the Spring and Summer terms we will change to Athletics, Cricket and Softball.

Where do I go if I feel unwell during the day?

If you feel unwell during a lesson then you need to inform your classroom teacher, who will then give you permission to go to the medical room. This can be found at student reception. If you are unwell at break and lunch, you should go straight to the medical room.

Is it hard to keep organised?

No - make sure you have a copy of your timetable at home and pack your bag the night before to make sure you have everything you need.  Also, do your home learning on the night it is set so you do not allow too much work to build-up. Home Learning club will offer you an opportunity to seek help and advice in school. This will run during lunch and after-school.