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We are proud to be promoting our ‘High 5ive’ values with our community.


Retweeted From Merstham Park School

Looking forward to showing prospective families around our new school in the coming weeks.


Looking forward to showing prospective families around our new school in the coming weeks.


Great for MPS students to visit the Merstham Hub and use the community Library.


Retweeted From Careers within GLF

KS1 SouthEast (Croydon) By: 30th Sept For: Jan 19 Part-time Teacher required at the Ofsted rated 'Outstanding' This is a job share role in year 1 for up to 3 days. Call 020 3750 6090 to arrange a visit at the school.


Retweeted From Tamasine Kimber

My sons new school - he is loving it and is inspired to try his hardest - those who know him know how momentous that is!! Thank you for an awesome start!


He has made a fantastic start - we are extremely proud of him.


Retweeted From Jon Chaloner

A flurry of tweets from just then! A great first week back.


Student Quotes for Week One: Isabelle “I have really enjoyed my first week of school because I have made really good friends already”. Romanie “everyone’s been really nice!” Alice “I enjoyed Performing Arts because you can choose your character and there’s no right or wrong”.


Student Quotes for Week One: Charlie “It was awesome...” Jessie “I have a lot more new friends now”. Halle “I loved it because I got to make new friends and I like the team spirit”.


Student Quotes for Week One: Demi “I enjoyed meeting our new teachers”. Kellie “I enjoyed trying new things”. Jack “I enjoyed dodgeball and the treasure hunt because it was really fun”


What a great first week at MPS! Two images showing students playing the alphabet game - can you work at the two words?


We all had a fantastic first day at MPS! Walking Bus, time to get to know Learning Mentors and introductions to many lesson areas.


Looking forward to welcoming all our brilliant young people today for their first day of secondary school.


Thank you to an amazing set of staff in helping to organise our school to receive the children on Monday! Stars - each and everyone!


Looking forward to welcoming all our students on Monday. Our Walking Bus will be collecting first thing.


Very positive news received this evening regarding our school future.


Thank you for your positive support.


We wish you well as you begin the all-through journey too Hannah!


Retweeted From LKStrachan

Exciting stuff seeing our school site starting to take shape today!

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Assessment & Reporting

What we hope to achieve:

A KS3 curriculum and assessment model which:

  1. Is focused on Intermediate the key concepts, knowledge and skills needed for success in KS4
  2. Is based on high expectations and challenge for all
  3. Adopts a Advanced approach to teaching and learning, and uses proven effective teaching methods.
  4. Uses regular assessment and feedback, which gives all students the chance to develop a Higher understanding of the key ideas.
  5. Incorporates high quality end of topic assessments, which help students develop the skills needed to tackle GCSE examination questions.
  6. Data from assessments reliably identifies what students have/have not understood and informs future teaching and learning, including intervention needs. 

Assessment for Learning (AfL)

Assessment is an integral part of the learning process and as such, AfL will be present in lessons as an on-going and continuous process. Some AfL assessments will be Higher+ tasks. These can be thought of as “Checking Progress” activities. Following an assessment of this type there will be detailed marking and feedback, and the student will be expected to reflect and act upon that feedback during a process called Dedicated Improvement & Reflection Time (DIRT). This provides opportunities for students to develop further their knowledge, skills and understanding before the summative assessment. 

How will Summative Assessments be graded?

A new grading system is being introduced which indicates how well the students have understood that particular unit of work, based on their performance in the final assessment. This fits in with our aim to develop a Secure understanding of the key ideas needed for successful performance in KS4. The scale is:




Grade 9 - 8

Demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of all concepts and skills in a unit of work.



Grade 8 -7

Grasped the main concepts and skills in a unit of work and can apply to new contexts.

Grade 6

Has a Higher understanding of the main concepts and skills when applied to familiar contexts.



Grade 5 - 4

Grasped most of the main concepts and skills in a unit of work, and is Intermediate+ 'Higher'.




Grade 4 - 3

Grasped some of the main ideas and skills in a unit of work, others require development.



Grade 3 2 1

Foundation to grasp some of the main ideas and skills in a unit of work.


How will Targets be set?

The prior attainment of students and baseline testing will be used to band each learner into the following categories:


Typical prior attainment

Key Stage 2 and Cognitive Ability Test data

Advanced Learner

KS2 Score 110+


Higher Learner

KS2 Score 105+

CAT 7, 8

Intermediate Learner

KS2 Score 100+

CAT 5, 6

Foundation Learner

KS2 Score 90+

CAT 3, 4

Entry Level Learner

KS2 Score 90-



 As in all target setting methods, prior attainment determines the expected outcomes, so a higher learner would be expected to achieve a higher grade at GCSE level than a Foundation learner. However, we would expect them to make a similar amount of progress from their starting points.

Once a student is placed in a band, it is very unlikely that they will be placed in a lower one as they move through each academic year. However, we are very keen that students will take on the challenge of moving up a band through hard work, dedication and successful assessment scores.

GCSE targets will be based on the new GCSE grading scale of 1 to 9. Targets will span 3 grades – Minimum, Expected and Aspirational. 

So, typical Foundation learners will achieve grade 3 (D) if they reach their minimum target, grade 4 (C-) if they make good progress and reach their expected target, and grade 5 (C+) if they excel and reach their aspirational target.

Typical Higher learners will achieve grade 6 (B) if they reach their minimum target, grade 7 (A) if they make good progress and meet their expected target, and grade 8 (A*) if they excel and reach their aspirational target. 

Reporting to Parents

After each Data Entry period parents will receive either an Interim or Full Report. Associated with one of these reports, will be one Parents’ Evening for all students.