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Another superb blog from Referring to neuroscience, she explains how misconceptions occur. After noting the common ones, she reiterates the importance of teaching concept, of taking small steps, slowly, and of keeping cognitive load low


We wanted to thank parents and carers who attended our curriculum evening. The following link allows our KS4 options to be viewed:


To apply for the teacher of D&T - please click the following link:


Lead Teacher of The Arts - to apply please click the following link:


Parent and Carer Curriculum Event - Thursday 15 March from 6.30pm at Lime Tree Primary on Batlebridge Lane. Look forward to talking to students and parents.


Thank you to the 35 attendees at the MPS recruitment event last night. Thanks to the wonderful for hosting ,learn,flourish


A really great example of how we can bring learning to life using skilled professionals to help support great work by staff in school. 👏👏👏


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We are currently advertising for a Receptionist and Communications Lead to join our new school office team part of . Please go to Job ID.825030 and share with potential candidates, especially in the & area.


Teacher Recruitment Event for MPS is postponed tomorrow at Lime Tree Primary due to the severe weather! ❄️❄️


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An early start to


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6 months until opens! Using to practise its snow closure procedures ❄️☃️


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Merstham By: 30th Jan For: Sept 18 Assistant HT required at brand new school opening in Sept 18. Successful applicant will lead provision for students with additional learning needs.


Retweeted From Springfield School

Are you interested in a career in teaching? Then come along to the 'Get into Teaching' event on 6th February, 6.00pm-8.00pm at Glyn School (primary and secondary).


We are seeking a passionate school leader of SEND to be our new Head of Personalisation. Could this be the role for you?


We are seeking a passionate and determined Deputy Headteacher to join our school team - could this be you?


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Back at work today? Do you work for a business which offers paid volunteering? We’d love to hear from you! You can help us respond quickly and cost-effectively to the needs of the referral families & have fun in the process! Find out more here:


To read the December Newsletter please click the link:


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Don't forget to pop along to our IT Drop In today in the New Hub till 2pm.

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Staff are unable to accept responsibility for children in school or in the school grounds before 8.15am and after 3.30pm, unless they are attending out-of-hours activities or prior arrangements have been made.  Once the entrance gates are opened in the morning, the children can go directly to their playground.  Please inform the school office if you are unable to collect your child on time, or have arranged for someone to collect them on your behalf.

It is vital that parents provide us with an up-to-date home address and telephone number, along with daytime contact details.  We also require details of an two additional contacts, should we be unable to reach you in the event of an emergency.


If your child is absent from school for any reason, (including medical appointments) please telephone to report the absence as soon as possible. Please leave a message by 9.00 am each day of their absence, so that we can account for your child. Office staff will then deal with all messages received.

It is essential that you provide us with a written note when your child returns to school, otherwise the absence will be recorded as 'unauthorised'. Any absence can result in a loss of continuity for your child’s education and upset their balance of learning. As a school, we are required to provide details of all unauthorised absences to the Local Education Authority.

Absence for Medical and Dental appointments

Every effort should be made to avoid making medical and dental appointments during school time. Where this is unavoidable parents should put this in writing to their child’s tutor and attach a copy of the appointment card or letter before the date of the appointment.


Excellent attendance is fundamental to an excellent education. Please take time to read our Attendance Policy, which is available to view on the website. This has been developed in conjunction with local schools and follows the policy outlined by the Education Secretary, stating that children are not to be absent from school for holidays or other non-essential reasons during term time. Only in exceptional or mitigating circumstances will an absence be approved. Should you need to make such a request, please collect a leave of absence request form from the school office.


Please ensure that your child arrives at school at the correct time.

School Times

School gate open: 8.15 am School gate closes: 9.00 am

School starts: 8.45 am

School gates open: 3.15 pm

School finishes: 3.15 pm


School ends at 12:10pm on the last day of each term (but not half term holidays).