Teaching and Learning

At Merstham Park School, we aim to provide the best possible opportunities for students to learn, achieve and fulfil their potential. 

Teachers at Merstham Park are free to innovate and plan dynamic lessons that engage students and inspire them to love learning, therefore ‘igniting a passion for learning’. We also recognise the importance of consistency across the school, and with this in mind have developed the MPS2 for Teaching.

MPS 2 23 24

The MPS2 reflects our focus for 2023-24 for teaching and learning across the school.  The two areas of focus; checking for understanding and adaptive & responsive teaching; allow our teachers to ensure all students are sufficiently challenged and supported in high quality lessons, in keeping with our inclusive, largely mixed ability approach.

The MPS 2 sits alongside the MPS Agreed Practice which outlines the expectation for all lessons at MPS. This was informed by published research regarding best practice around teaching and learning.

MPS Agreed Practice 23 24

Through our relentless focus on high quality and innovative teaching and learning, we constantly strive to create learning experiences that are purposeful and make an impact on the lives of the students we teach.