Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

Merstham Park School Learning Resource Centre (LRC)

The LRC is situated at the heart of our school. It consists of a library and IT Suite that is equipped with books, magazines, games and chrome books.

The LRC is arranged as a welcoming open classroom where we offer students a wide range of permanent and scheduled activities. Students and teachers are able to book and use the LRC for their lessons to enhance their learning, knowledge and success. Our LRC organizes and offers a range of activities and workshops to promote the MPS values, social skills enrichment opportunities and well-being of our students.

Reading and information

Throughout the school day students can:

· Search our library books

· Access and borrow a range of books

· Get advice on books for your next read

· Get information on where in the library to find a book

· Get information about reading levels

· Find out about your favourite authors and their books

· Look at recommendations for your next read

· Create your own reading lists

· Write and share book recommendations, reviews, and blogs

· Chat with your school friends about books

· Do your homework

· Complete Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes

· Search and view curricular websites and resources to help you with homework

· Get support with researching learning information

· Take part in in-house competitions, workshops and events organised by the library

Opening hours

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. every day


The MPS library offers a range of new and contemporary books to our students, as well as reference books. Each book that is in our borrowing fund is labelled and easily identified in the library by the reading and age-appropriate level. Dynamic shelving is offering students to search books on their level by either reading level, reading interest or author’s name.

Borrowing a library book

· All the books must be checked out and in via the Librarian

· You can borrow up to 2 books at a time

· Each book is loaned for 2 weeks

· Return books by specified date or renew the loaned books

How to look after the library books

· Use bookmarks to mark the page

· Do not fold over the page corners

· Do not bend book spine

· Do not remove the book cover protectors

· Keep books away from drink and food


Lost or damaged books

If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, a student must pay cash payment in the market value of the particular book or provide a replacement for it.


Book Donations

Merstham Park School library benefited from community donations and is extremely grateful for that. The book donations are always welcome, in particular the books of the popular contemporary authors such as Jeff Kenny, Rachel Renee Russell, David Walliams, Rick Riordan, Cressida Cowell, Liz Pichon, Alice Oseman and J.K. Rowling. world classis writers, including translated authors.


Book Swap Shelf

Our front bookshelf offers books for a swap. Student can bring a book and swap it for another one or take our book from the book swap shelf for money donation of at least £2 or more. The funds raised are used towards purchasing new books for the library.


Clubs at LRC

Games Club

Games Club is open to all students during lunch time. The LRC space is available to read, play games (chess, Scrabble, Articulate, Connect 4, Uno, etc), enjoy mindful colouring, socialise or use the chrome books. The LRC seating capacity allows for 32 students at one time. All students who attend the games club are required to sign a register.


Book Club

You can come and read, discuss, and share your opinions and thoughts about books on Tuesdays 3:15pm-4:00pm.


Merstham Park Shadow Readers Book Club

This dedicated club shadows the shortlisted books in the annual Carnegie awards. It runs from March until June, with students able to submit reviews and vote for their favourite book.


Homework Hour

The LRC space is available for reading, using books and chrome books and completing homework from 3:15 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Events and Activities

Library Calendar

We have a dynamic library calendar that corresponds to our school calendar and celebrates important dates. Here are highlighted some of our events:

Word of the Day

Every day a new word is displayed on the LRC board, with the aim to enrich our students’ vocabulary. There is always an explanation of the meaning and a sentence to give an example of how the word is used in speaking and writing.

Black History Month

This national celebration aims to promote and celebrate Black contributions to British society, and to foster an understanding of Black history in general. Black History Month UK runs throughout the month of October every year.

Workshop competition between classes to create Black History timeline of events. We also offer an inhouse essay writing competition addressing these issues.


Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is a Memorial Day observed in Commonwealth member states since the end of the First World War in 1919 to honour armed forces members who have died in the line of duty. We mark this day with art and craft activities in accordance with British tradition and decorate the LRC area.

Antibullying Week

A reading workshop to encourage students’ collaboration and older students are invited to read with younger students.


Mental Health Week

Students are offered to engage in mindful colouring and decorate own bookmark.


Story telling week

Write/tell a short fiction story school workshop at the library.


Blind date with a book

Books are wrapped and placed on the library shelves according to reading ability. The front sticker offers an intriguing one-line introduction of what the book is about to help students choose something interesting to themselves. After half term we would love your thoughts on the book when you return it.


World Book Day

World Book Day is celebrated in collaboration with the English department, and we join in the dress up fun. Each student will receive a book token.

The books from culturally diverse authors and other languages are displayed. There is a book quiz offered and authors and books word searches for all students.


Golden Ticket

There are 9 golden tickets placed randomly in books. Students who find them will win a special prize.


Women’s Day

8 March is World Women’s Day and celebrated to mark the date when women in 20th century got rights to vote, work and be independent citizens. To mark this date, books about women and their achievements will be displayed. There is an inhouse biography writing workshop/competition themed ‘A women to Admire’. Students will choose a person they admire (including someone they know), research, plan and write a short biography including a photo or illustration. The best works will be rewarded.


Read For Good Challenge

Read for Good provides a regular supply of brand-new books along with storyteller visits to brighten up the days of children in all of the UK’s main children’s hospitals. Books are important for every child, as they educate, broaden cultural horizons, but they also have a power to comfort, distract, reassure and entertain.

Merstham Park School students choose what they want to read from comics to classics – anything goes. They ask friends and family to sponsor them per book or per minute of reading. Sponsors can pay online. Money raised will go to our nearest major children’s hospital. Merstham Park School will also benefit by receiving 20% free books voucher to purchase new books for our library.


Reading Bingo Board

Students are encouraged to get a Reading Bingo Board sheet from the library and read books. When they complete a full row or column, they will hand in to the library for a prize. If a student completes all 20 books, there is an even bigger prize on offer!


Autism Awareness Week

Our Learning Resource Centre offers range of creative workshops, games and activities to promote collaboration and social skills amongst our SEND students.


Students’ Book Recommendations

Students are invited to contribute with their book recommendations on our library display. Students who contribute with their recommendations will get rewards and house points.


Students’ Book Reviews

Students are invited to hand in their book review for our library display. Students who contribute with their recommendations will get rewards and house points.



Merstham Park School Library has got a good range of books with LGBTQ topics which are accessible for students that are 13+.


Religious Days and Holidays

Merstham Park school is the educational home to students and staff from various religious and ethnical backgrounds. We follow the school calendar and mark Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter. As an inclusive place for learning, Merstham Park LRC endeavours to mark and include other important dates and celebrations of all the members of our community.


Accelerated Reader Programme

Merstham Park School is offering the Accelerated Reader programme to years 7 - 9. Accelerated Reader (AR) is a reading management and monitoring programme that aims to foster independent reading. The software assesses age and ability, to advise students on their reading levels.


Books at the library are catalogued and ordered according to the AR programme levels and interest levels, so every student can easily search for a book at their level. At the library, we can suggest books that match pupils' reading ability, needs and age group interests.


Students have reading lessons at the LRC fortnightly. After reading a chosen book, students take computerised quizzes on them to test their comprehension. The quizzes are used to monitor and track their reading progress.


Word Millionaire

The Accelerated Reader Programme encourages students to read by making reading competitive by generating students with the highest number of words every half term. There is a prize for students who achieve the ‘Word Millionaire’ status, and their names are highlighted on the LRC board.

Classes are encouraged to compete and there is a prize for the winning class.


Student Librarians

Student Librarian Post

The Merstham Park School library is delighted to recruit and welcome students to help at the library. Ideally students will be book enthusiasts who wish to use their skills and gain voluntary work experience. The help is required on one day during their lunch hour. Two students from each year group are recruited at the beginning of the academic year. All our student librarians represent and promote our MPS values such as collaboration, inclusion, resilience, respect and success.


Person specification

Those interested in working as school librarians will be developing the following qualities:

· Calm under pressure

· Communicative

· Enthusiastic

· Punctual and reliable

· Hardworking

· Trustworthy

· Willing to help other pupils and staff

· A regular library user

· Work accurately

· Can demonstrate good IT skills

· Interested in reading

· Good knowledge of fiction

· Able to give regular time to library duties

· Good peer interaction

· Problem solving abilities

· Interested in finding things out


The Recruitment Processes

The library managers advertise the student positions and provide application forms. The student’s filled form must be signed by a tutor and parents/guardians. Successful applicants are invited for an interview. After the interviews, students are informed by a letter whether they are recruited for a post or not.


Training programme benefits

Our structured training programme:


· Enables students to support the vision and goals of the library

· Promotes the role and services of the library to the school community

· Allows pupils to make a valuable contribution to the running of the school

· Gives students a voice in school

· Develops student knowledge, skills and personal qualities in a real life context

· Supports the library staff

· Enables students to provide role models for other students

· Raised self-esteem

· Raised library profile within the school community

· Responsibility

· A vehicle for student voice within the school

· Having increased independence in learning

· Having improved key and life skills

· Strengthen resilience

· Part of a team

· Inclusion

· Collaboration

· Receiving respect, certificates, feedback and rewards for their commitment and work