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Retweeted From MPS Arts

Each student created fabric poppies in school to lay at Merstham Memorial today. We were joined by The British legion & members of the local community for a service & 2 minutes silence. The students made us proud. “We will remember them”.


Retweeted From Merstham Primary School

Well done to our Nursery, Reception and KS1 children for their wonderful performances of 'The Magical Christmas Journey' this week


Thank you Mrs Harkness for organising once again.


Retweeted From Kevin Briggs

Great cross-curricular links to ITP / Geography


Well done 8B!


Retweeted From Frank Kelly

1/2 coud you hep us publicise that next saturday 30th help our wounded are pulling a sleigh from London to Brighton and will be coming through Merstham between 10 and 10:30. Need lots of local people on the route to cheer on.


Retweeted From Floreat Wandsworth Primary School

A moment of pure magic this week... The Year 4 pupils chose to use their break times to write their own Anti-Bullying Play. They are now at the rehearsal stage! Character has been revealed in so many ways... 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


Retweeted From GLF Schools TT

Are you interested in getting into ? We have places for early years, primary, secondary and the assessment only route. Please get in touch with us & visit our website


If you visit the website there are links for all your get into teaching needs. Come and join the Trust!


Thank you to both - our students were very grateful as were we.


Retweeted From Martin Beard

Today, Year 8 students provided their view on change starts with us in support of Anti-bullying. Here’s one view: I think change starts with us means that people are going to change their ways and support others if they have bullied anyone else in the past.


Well done Team MPS - we will remember


Retweeted From Merstham Primary School

Congratulations to our football team for their 8-3 win yesterday - well done to all.


Well done on representing our school so wonderfully- the public were extremely impressed by excellent behaviour and polite manners!🌟


Retweeted From MPS Arts

Year 8 student responded to various artists that explore identity in their work. Their outcomes were personal, meaningful and expressive.


Retweeted From Kevin Briggs

Building an ‘Individual Learning Plan’. Film by ⁦⁦⁩. We follow a similarly student centred, target-focused approach at Merstham Park School in collaboration with parents and carers. ⁦⁦


Retweeted From Kevin Briggs

One of our super Coding Club students working collaboratively to build our School Robot .

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Term Dates 2019-2020

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