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We are proud to be promoting our ‘High 5ive’ values with our community.


Retweeted From Merstham Park School

Looking forward to showing prospective families around our new school in the coming weeks.


Looking forward to showing prospective families around our new school in the coming weeks.


Great for MPS students to visit the Merstham Hub and use the community Library.


Retweeted From Careers within GLF

KS1 SouthEast (Croydon) By: 30th Sept For: Jan 19 Part-time Teacher required at the Ofsted rated 'Outstanding' This is a job share role in year 1 for up to 3 days. Call 020 3750 6090 to arrange a visit at the school.


Retweeted From Tamasine Kimber

My sons new school - he is loving it and is inspired to try his hardest - those who know him know how momentous that is!! Thank you for an awesome start!


He has made a fantastic start - we are extremely proud of him.


Retweeted From Jon Chaloner

A flurry of tweets from just then! A great first week back.


Student Quotes for Week One: Isabelle “I have really enjoyed my first week of school because I have made really good friends already”. Romanie “everyone’s been really nice!” Alice “I enjoyed Performing Arts because you can choose your character and there’s no right or wrong”.


Student Quotes for Week One: Charlie “It was awesome...” Jessie “I have a lot more new friends now”. Halle “I loved it because I got to make new friends and I like the team spirit”.


Student Quotes for Week One: Demi “I enjoyed meeting our new teachers”. Kellie “I enjoyed trying new things”. Jack “I enjoyed dodgeball and the treasure hunt because it was really fun”


What a great first week at MPS! Two images showing students playing the alphabet game - can you work at the two words?


We all had a fantastic first day at MPS! Walking Bus, time to get to know Learning Mentors and introductions to many lesson areas.


Looking forward to welcoming all our brilliant young people today for their first day of secondary school.


Thank you to an amazing set of staff in helping to organise our school to receive the children on Monday! Stars - each and everyone!


Looking forward to welcoming all our students on Monday. Our Walking Bus will be collecting first thing.


Very positive news received this evening regarding our school future.


Thank you for your positive support.


We wish you well as you begin the all-through journey too Hannah!


Retweeted From LKStrachan

Exciting stuff seeing our school site starting to take shape today!

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Home Learning

Organising your home learning

How should I record home learning?

In your diary! Write clear instructions and include the due date. If you get no home learning from a subject, write ‘none set’. You should also find home learning details on the subject page of the school website.

When should I give it in?

On time! Check your diary every evening so you can meet every deadline.

Where should I do my home learning?

At home! A quiet place with no distractions. Use a desk/ table with good light.

There are also opportunities to stay at school to study; ask your tutor.

What items would it be useful for me to have at home?

Notepad and paper

Post-it stickers

Highlighter pens

Pin board for notices


Revision books, etc.

Why do I need to do my home learning?

Working at home develops independent learning, consolidates and reinforces learning, encourages self-discipline, develops the ability to research and a stronger partnership between student, parent and teacher.

Who can I ask for help?

Ask teachers, parents, older brothers and sisters, grandparents, friends, librarians etc. Any of these people could be a valuable source of information.

Where else can I find information?

Books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, CD-ROM’s, the Internet etc.

How much should I be doing?

The minimum you should do each night depends on your year group. As you get older, the expectations are greater.

More important than the time spent is the quality of work you produce.

If there is no home learning set or you finish quickly, use the time for that subject to go over notes, learn vocabulary, revise for exams, practise spellings, read, practise questions etc.

If you miss a lesson, make sure you catch up on classwork and home learning.


Students who regularly complete home learning are more successful in exams.

Presentation is important. Always do your home learning as carefully as you can, proofread your work for spelling, punctuation before handing it in.

How can parents help?

Check your son /daughter’s home learning diary daily to ensure work is recorded.

  • Supervise as much as possible and check home learning on completion.
  • Encourage reading as a family activity.
  • Ensure they have packed all the materials they need for the next day.