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New blog - Sufian Sadiq () from discusses the importance of addressing the ethnic disparities that exist within the teaching profession. Read his thoughts, first published in , here:


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A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning. Would you like a where you can be part of a team who make a difference every day? Find out from Lisa about becoming part of the GLF community


We currently have a number of fantastic opportunities for LSAs, a Cover Supervisor, and Learning Resource Centre Coordinator to join our team at Merstham Park School. Please click on the link below to take you to our website.


We currently have a number of fantastic opportunities to join our team at Merstham Park School. Please click on the link below. More vacancies will be live on our website very soon!


There was a huge celebration this week on the site of our new home: the last of the 178 modules was put into place. The Department of Education, McAvoy, Mr Ward and Mr Garner took our Head and Deputy Head Boys and Girls to have a look around - only one and a half terms to go!


Mr Chaloner, Mr Ward and Mr Garner had a sneak preview of the inside of our new home today. Highlights included the Dance Studio and Fitness Suite, the Sports Hall and the roofs full of solar panels which will enable MPS to be a low carbon school.


We are very excited to be able to share with you the progress that has been made on our new home in the last 2 weeks. Please click here to view the work and also some fantastic moon rises and weather patterns:


Thank you to everyone who joined us at our Open Evening and to our amazing staff who made the event really special. We have a few spaces left on our Open Morning on Thurs 21 Oct and due to popular demand, we have added Tues 19 Oct. Email to book.


The gates have opened to our 2021 Open Evening. We hope you enjoy seeing how MPS ignites a passion for learning in all our students.


Less than 1 hour before we open the gates. Our hard working staff are busy making sure that the evening is a great success. Mrs Eckershall has instruments galore in Music, Miss Mosley has experiments in Science, Mr Walker brings colour to Maths, and there is also a tent..!


With just 2 hours to go, Mr Ward is rehearsing his presentation, Mrs Harkness and Mr Tunbridge are putting the finishing touches to their Art displays and Mr Martin is preparing a demonstration in DT. We cant wait to see you at our Open Evening (5-8pm)


With less than 3 hours to go, all staff at MPS are on hand to make tonight's Open Evening really special. We are really looking forward to seeing Year 6 children and their families


Less than 24 hours until our Open Evening for Year 6 children and their families. There is no need to book: please just come along and join us between 5pm and 8pm. The Head of School will be delivering talks at 5.15, 6.15 and 7.15pm. We look forward to welcoming you to MPS.


Only 4 more sleeps....


On National Teaching Assistants Day, we wanted to thank our wonderful team of LSAs who work so hard to support and improve the learning outcomes of our students. Thank you to Miss Hardy, Mrs Mahmood, Miss Tattershaw, Miss Aguirre, Miss Lynch, Miss Stocks & Miss Gibbons.


Building work has begun on our brand new home and we are all very excited:


Exciting news on the developments of our new home!!


We have a vacancy for a Premises Assistant to work across both Merstham Park School and Merstham Primary School. The deadline for applications is noon on Monday 11 June 2021. If you are interested and would like some more information, please click here:


Thank you to Mr Lawrence who came to MPS this afternoon from Glyn School to take some drone footage of the start of the demolition of the old Chart Wood School for our website.


Welcome to the Merstham Park School Transition Pages

These pages have been designed to help you to find out as much as you can about MPS before you start. They contain information about our Year 6 into 7 Transition, your first day at MPS and lots more.

Prior to starting in September, please take time to learn all about us so that you know what to expect when you join.  Just in case there is anything you cannot find the answer to or if you would like more information about a current section, please send us a message via our contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope that you and your Parents or Carers will find this information very useful and we are looking forward to seeing you very soon.

Getting Involved

Extra-Curricular and School Clubs

There are plenty of opportunities at MPS to join clubs and to get involved in extracurricular activities. The extracurricular timetable is updated and released each term, so watch out for the activities and clubs you will be able to join.  

We have a broad selection of clubs running at lunchtimes from Choir to Manga and Mediation clubs, so something for everyone to sign up to!  After school we offer a wide selection of clubs including Chess, Art, Textiles, Dance, D&T and Drama.  For those of you who enjoy your sports, you can get involved with Football, Basketball, Rounders and Handball, to name a few!

Whichever clubs you belong to, these are a great way to make new friends and to take part in something fun.

Behaviour Expectations

Please find the link below to our Behaviour for Learning Policy, which we ask everyone at MPS to follow:

Behaviour for Learning Policy 

If you have any queries regarding our behaviour guidelines please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Strachan, Assistant Headteacher.


Class Charts

At Merstham Park School we use an application called Class Charts to help you and your parents keep track of your achievements, access your behaviour report, view assigned homework tasks and track any detentions you may get.

Class Charts for students can be accessed via the Class Charts website, or using iOS and Android apps.

You will need to be given an access code by your teacher when you start at MPS in order to log in.


The House System

At Merstham Park School we have six houses.  These are Buckland, Earlswood, Gatton, Mercers, Nutfield and Priory which comprise one Learning Group per year. Each student belongs to a house and we promote a sense of unity within each house. All houses take their names from local areas of natural beauty.

Buckland is one of the oldest villages in England and appeared in the Domesday Book of 1086.  It is situated on the A25 between the towns of Reigate and Dorking.  The North Downs Way, Pilgrim’s Way and Greensand Way footpaths all pass through this pretty village

Earlswood is a suburb of Redhill.  The area south of the common was formally a wilderness containing many clay pits that may be linked to the reputed Roman remains.  In 1863 Earlswood joined Meadvale, Redhill and Reigate to become part of the newly formed municipal borough of Reigate when it was granted this status by royal charter.

Gatton lies to the west of Merstham on the crest of the North Downs Way. Dating back to 880 AD, Gatton was a local Parish, known as Gatton Park.  It is a very picturesque area and popular with visitors. Students in Gatton House can be identified by a yellow tie and blazer trim.

Mercers is a local country park, south of Merstham.  It offers a wide range of activities including water sports on Mercers lake and nature watching in the nature reserves. Students in Mercers House can be identified by a blue tie and blazer trim.

Nutfield is a village south east of Merstham. The area dates back to 1086  when it was a farming community. Today Nutfield comprises three areas; Nutfield, South Nutfield and Nutfield Marsh. Students in Nutfield House can be identified by a green tie and blazer trim.

Priory is a Manor and Park situated in Reigate, south west of Merstham. It is 65 acres of open parkland with a pond, woodland and playing fields. This area has a vast history. Students in Priory House can be identified by a red tie and blazer trim.


The sense of unity within each house is very important and is highlighted during house competitions. You will get to know your peers in your Learning Group very quickly within the first few months, as well as getting to know older students in your house who will be there to support you at the start of, and throughout, your secondary school experience.


House Competitions

Students will compete for House Points in subject, sporting and creative challenges that will be regularly set, as well as by demonstrating actions that deserve rewarding. Some house competitions include Arts, Sports and Maths Challenges  to name a few. The range of competitions allows students’ specific abilities to thrive. During house competitions, students will be rewarded with house points which, along with those points achieved daily, will go towards the grand total. The house with the most points at the end of the academic year will be awarded the coveted House Cup. 


House Charities

We are delighted to announce that at MPS, each house raises money to support a local charity.


Gatton: Sparkfish -


Mercers: Connie's Crusade -


Nutfield: The Breck Foundation -


Priory: Loveworks


Our student council are currently in the process of deciding which local charities our two new houses, Buckland and Earlswood will be supporting - watch this space!


Student Support

Year 7 Learning Mentors

You will be in one of six different Learning Mentor Groups when you start at Merstham Park School – there is one Learning Mentor Group per House.  Each Learning Mentor Group is led by a Learning Mentor who you will see twice a day.  Your Learning Mentor is there to help you to settle into MPS, be the key contact for your Parents or Carers and will help you with any problems that you may have.


Mr Kingston - Chelsea Champion

Mr Kingston works closely with Learning Mentors to ensure that your transition to MPS is smooth and once you are here in September, he will support you to ensure you have no worries or concerns, and to make sure you settle in well.


Mrs Davies - Behaviour Support Mentor

Mrs Davies will also work closely with Learning Mentors and help you on your way with transition.  She will help those who need additional support with settling in, building resilience and forging positive relationships.  


Head of Year 7 - Mrs Cronin

The Head of Year 7 works very closely with the Learning Mentors to support you during your time at MPS and will drop into your Learning Mentor time at least once a week.  The Head of Year 7 will work with your Learning Mentor on activities which you carry out in Learning Mentor Time.  It is the Head of Year 7’s responsibility to ensure that you work hard and succeed in your studies and if you are struggling they will help and support you to get you back on track.


Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

During the transition period members of the Senior Leadership Team, in particular Mrs Strachan, will be supporting you alongside your Head of Year and Learning Mentors.

The School Day


Gates Open

08.45 - 08.55

Learning Mentor Time

08.55 - 09.55

Period 1

09.55 - 10.55

Period 2

10.55 - 11.15

Break time 

11.15 - 12.15

Period 3

12.15 - 13.15

Period 4

13.15 - 13.55


13.55 - 14.55

Period 5

14.55 - 15.15

Learning Mentor Time


School Day Ends

15.15 - 16.15

Enrichment Activities


The two week timetable has 50 hours of lessons running each fortnight, each week containing 25 hours. The weeks are divided into Week 1 and Week 2 and these are clearly laid out on students' timetables.

School Uniform

Please click through to see a list of the uniform that you will need.

Our uniform supplier is YOUR IMAGE who are based on the Holmethorpe Industrial Estate in Redhill.  

Your Image:  28-30 Holmethorpe Avenue, Redhill, RH1 2NL  Tel: 01737 766106

School shoes must be plain black, sensible leather-style shoes. Students must not wear canvas shoes or trainer style shoes. Students not wearing appropriate shoes will be given alternatives which they will be expected to wear.

Students are allowed to wear one pair of small, plain stud or sleeper size earrings and a watch. All jewellery must be removed for PE activities and is brought into school entirely at the student’s own risk. Nose studs and all other types of piercing are not allowed. Students are not allowed to wear rings. Any other jewellery will be confiscated until the end of the day.

Make up of any description is discouraged and students will be asked to remove any make up which is considered excessive by the Senior Leadership Team.

Nail varnish, gel nails, acrylic nails and other false nails are not allowed.

No bandanas, caps or large hair accessories are allowed.

Only MPS hoodies are to be worn with our school uniform.

You can order uniform from Your Image's website:


School Equipment

Please also ensure that you have a pencil case and the following essential items:

Black or Blue pen (and a spare)

Colouring pencils

Scientific Calculator


Pencil Sharpener

Green pen



Pencil eraser


Reading book

Glue Stick



What will happen if I lose something?

If you lose something go to Reception before school, during break time or after school, where we have a lost property box for lost items.  Please make sure that you name all of your items (including uniform) as it is much easier for us to ensure anything you lose is returned to you.


Is secondary school more difficult than primary school?

There will be some differences between primary and secondary school when you first transition, such as a range of lessons and different teachers for each subject.  Your Learning Mentor is always on hand if you become stuck and if you are finding it tricky, come and speak to any of the staff and we will be able to help you.


Can I bring my mobile phone to school?

You are allowed to bring phones to school, however you do so at your own risk and they must be switched off in your bag when you enter the main gate.  You are not allowed to have them out during lesson time unless with teacher permission.  Mobile phones must not be used at any point whilst on the school site, even at break and lunch. If a student is seen with their phone, it will be confiscated as per our Mobile Phones Policy.


What happens if I receive a detention?

Detentions can be given for poor behaviour, failure to hand in homework, failure to complete classwork, not following instructions, truanting lessons or lateness. Detentions may be set at lunch or after school.   Detentions will be logged on Class Charts. Failure to attend a detention may result in a longer one or an escalated sanction.


Are you allowed to wear trainers?

Trainers, outside of P.E. lessons, are not part of the MPS uniform. If you are injured and need to wear trainers, you will be required to have a signed note from Parents or Carers which must be shown to the Head of Year 7.


How long are lessons?

Lessons are 60 minutes in length and there are 5 lessons per day.


What clubs are there for Year 7?

There are a huge range of clubs that Year 7 can join.  Below is a list of some of the clubs we have on offer:

  • Sporting Clubs - football, basketball,cricket, athletics

  • Drama

  • Music/Choir

  • Chess

  • Manga

  • Art

  • Textiles

  • Dance

Where do I go if I feel unwell during the day?

If you feel unwell during a lesson then you need to inform your classroom teacher, who will then give you permission to go to the Medical Room. If you are unwell at break and lunch you should go straight to the medical room.

How long is break and lunchtime?

Morning break is 20 minutes and lunchtime is 40 minutes.


Letters from our current Year 7s

Some of our current Year 7s have written letters to you, to help you in your transition and hopefully get you excited about joining them at MPS.  You can see them by clicking here:


Any Questions?

If you have a question or something you are unsure about please take a look at our frequently asked questions section or alternatively, please send your question to the email address below and a response will be emailed to you.