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We have a vacancy for a Premises Assistant to work across both Merstham Park School and Merstham Primary School. The deadline for applications is noon on Monday 11 June 2021. If you are interested and would like some more information, please click here:


Thank you to Mr Lawrence who came to MPS this afternoon from Glyn School to take some drone footage of the start of the demolition of the old Chart Wood School for our website.


Are you interested in becoming a at either primary or secondary level?✨ Join the 'Zoom into Teacher Training' event on Mon 14 June :30-19:15 to find out more about how we can support your journey to teach! To register click here 👉


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Thank you to”The Anne Frank Trust UK” for working with yr 8 . Using Anne Frank’s life & diary as a starting point, we empowered students with the knowledge, skills & confidence to challenge all forms of prejudice & discrimination


Many thanks to the Breck Foundation, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the University of Surrey who came and spoke to MPS students during an Enrichment morning today. Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.


We have a vacancy for a Premises Assistant to work across both Merstham Park School and Merstham Primary School. The deadline for applications is noon on Monday 17 May 2021. If you are interested and would like some more information, please click here:


We have a fantastic opportunity to join our Premises team. Please click on the link below for details and to apply


To celebrate Shakespeare's birthday, staff at MPS surprised all students by dressing up as characters from his plays. Students had a wonderful day identifying the characters as well as the plays they came from. Who can you recognise from this selection?


Andy Ward, our Head of School, thanked all MPS staff this morning for their amazing efforts this term by making tea and coffee and giving us toasted hot cross buns and an Easter Egg! We really hope that everyone has a relaxing and a happy Easter.


A big thank you to all our students who participated in our 'Why Learn Languages?' poster competition. Huge congratulations to our 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners who won themselves a multilingual wristband and an Easter treat. Bravo!


We have a fantastic opportunity for someone to join our school office team at Merstham Park. If you are looking for a fast paced, varied administrative role (part-time, term time only), please click on the link below for further information and to apply.


A huge thank you to the wonderful volunteers who have been at MPS for the past few weeks testing staff and students. As you can see, even with masks on, they are a welcoming and friendly bunch and they have been amazingly calm and reassuring with everyone having their tests.


After 3 days of testing and a gradual return by year group, we are delighted to have the whole school back at MPS today. Staff and students are so happy to be back in the socially distanced arms of the MPS family, as you can see from these photos. It's great to be back.


We are really looking forward to seeing Zachary and all our students back at MPS next week. Congratulations on all your fantastic work during lockdown. We are so proud of you.


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Literary inspired bakes by Zachary. Started the weeks challenge early!


Amazing work Zachary. Well done!


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“Scone with the wind” Zachary’s baking daily challenge


One day just isn't long enough to celebrate all that books have to offer at MPS. Every department has been involved in World Book Day this week. Please click here to see what the school has been up to:


Year 8 did a brilliant job helping Madame Reid 'escape the town' in a breakout game during our lesson last week. Well done! The Language Department are so proud of all your hard work in French. 🙂 Here's what some students had to say about the lesson:


We were delighted to present Coppice Lea with a Quilt of Positivity today, to let them know that even though we can't visit them, we are thinking of them all. Well done to Mrs Harkness and everyone involved in the making of this beautiful piece of art.

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Remote Learning Provision

During the most recent period of forced partial school closure, we provided students with an engaging remote learning provision. Our remote learning provision was been carefully planned and considered and the feedback we received from parents suggested that it provided students with a very high quality learning experience. All students were expected to access and engage with our online provision, whether they were at home or attending our onsite childcare facility.


Welcome from Mr Ward



Lessons were created using a platform called ‘Screencastify’. This enabled staff to utilise screen recording technology to share lesson content with students. These videos were uploaded to Google Classroom for students to access. Students are familiar with how to use Google Classroom as this is a platform we already use on a regular basis in lessons. If a child could not join the relevant Google Classrooms for any reason, a list of the required joining codes and joining instructions is here. We asked aprents to please spend a few minutes with their child ensuring they could navigate Google Classroom effectively to access the learning resources set by their teachers.


School Day

Students were expected to complete 4 lessons a day, following their timetable which can be found in ClassCharts. Each lesson had a piece of work set that the students needed to complete and submit via Google Classroom. While we wanted you to encourage your child to be creative, it was also important they continue to have a level of structure in their life. We therefore recommended they follow this timing of the school day if at all possible.

School Day Timings


Daily Challenges

We also set daily challenges that were shared with students each morning via learning mentor time and included reading, PE activities, DT activities, Food Tech activities and Drama activities. We really enjoyed seeing photos of our students attempting the daily challenge or any other creative task they were proud to have undertaken on our official school twitter account. 


Live Learning Mentor Time

As part of our remote learning provision, students were also expected to attend a live learning mentor session from 8:45 a.m. to 9:15 a.m. every day. This was led by the child's learning mentor and included assemblies, PSHE sessions, topical news sessions and weekly quiz sessions. Students were invited to join the Google Classroom for their learning mentor group. Once they were on the relevant Google Classroom, students clicked the Google Meet link at the top of the classroom to join the daily session which was enabled by learning mentors at 8:40 a.m. to allow students to join in time for a prompt start at 8:45 a.m. If students were unable to locate the relevant Google Classroom they could do so by selecting the correct Google Classroom code from this link. As with a normal day at school, any students who were not present in their morning live learning mentor session were contacted by the office so their absence can be explained. If your child was unwell and therefore not able to attend, parents were asked to call the absence line as they would normally do on 01737 919491 or email



Teachers were available during the timetabled lesson times to support students. If a student required any support they could click on the Google meet link at the top of the relevant Google Classroom to join a video call with their subject teacher. These calls were recorded to safeguard staff. Students were welcome to remain on the video call for the entire 60 minutes or simply ask a question to clarify their work and leave the call again. Students did not have to join these video calls, they were simply in place to support any students who require it and would like to join. The timing of these support meetings were linked directly to students timetables, e.g. Monday lesson 1, if a student had English, their English teacher would be on their classes Google meet for the duration of that lesson.

If parents had any learning related queries during this period of closure, they were asked to either email the class teacher directly or the school office (