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Thank you , we’ll get that sorted!


Great to see 7 Gatton doing so well in their Music lesson earlier today when completing ‘Master Drummer’, definitely some musicians for the future in this class


Would you like to join our expanding school or know anyone who would? We are looking to recruit a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) to join our hard working and dedicated team of staff.


Our freshly painted lines on our multi use games area being utilised by some of our year 8 students in their cricket lesson today. James Anderson watch out!


Creative year 9 textiles lesson today where the students were using marbling to create cells for a petri dish display


Each student has a unique access code which they were given to take home this week. There is also an app available for iOS and Android. have several apps, for students, teachers and parents, so please make sure you download the parent app for your code to work.


Thank you to all of our parents and carers who have logged into this week. This is to become our main method of communicating with you all over the coming weeks. If you have not yet accessed the site, it can be found here:


More fantastic work by today as we receive delivery of some more high quality furniture to enhance our provision 👏


Great to have our students back in school. An example of an Art lesson today, who says the first lesson of the year needs to be boring!


Very busy day at MPS today as staff worked tirelessly to ensure our school site is ready to receive our students back tomorrow


Great to have the MPS staff back today for our INSET and looking forward to our students returning shortly. Thank you to for use of their hall


More fantastic work by recently that we have benefitted from. Making a real difference to schools and more importantly the students in them. Keep it up!


Retweeted From MPS Arts

This week the students created words from photographic alphabets taken last week. This little gem was created by Isobel and a pleasure to share with the staff This has made us all smile today 😁 watch this space for more creative responses..


When the BBC visited MPS!


Exciting day at MPS today........the BBC have been in school filming some footage to be aired on the news on Wednesday regarding the fantastic work Business2Schools are doing


Thank you so much to Emily in year 7 who made these fabulous chocolate puddings for staff. Very thoughtful of you


Pleased to hear you liked it!


There should be a size guide on the order form. Yes, we would say they are true to size. Thanks


Many thanks for your positive feedback and comments, it means a lot. The staff are working extremely hard to support our students during this challenging time


Amazing work Iona, well done

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Following Government guidance, we opened our doors on 03 September 2020 to all of our students. We have clear covid routines in place to help our school community to stay safe.

We have developed detailed plans and risk assessments, and put in place practical measures to minimise the risks from Covid-19, including: 

  • Carefully limiting the mixing of students through the use of separated groups (“bubbles”) 

  • Minimising contact between bubbles and external visitors in the way the school day is managed 

  • Prevention of contact with confirmed cases, and isolation of anyone with symptoms 

  • Rigorous hygiene and cleaning measures 

  • Consultation with Public Health England and Local Authorities if any positive cases are confirmed in school 

  • How we will respond to further national/local lockdowns, including the provision of remote learning 


These measures may mean changes to usual school routines, including: 

  • Adjustments to timetabling

  • Changes to the activities undertaken in PE, Drama, Music, extracurricular activities and trips 

  • Avoidance of any large gatherings such as assemblies, productions, sports fixtures and face-to-face parents’ evenings 

  • Adjustments to the timing of lunch collection for students

  • Changes to the way the school buildings are used – e.g. fixed teaching blocks, segregated areas for break / lunch, and designated toilet facilities 

  • Changes to uniform arrangements, especially PE kits 


All parents are asked to pay particular attention to travel arrangements to and from school, to avoid public transport wherever possible, and to ensure they follow the latest government directions on the use of face coverings. You should also ensure that your child does not attend school if they are unwell or have any symptoms of Covid-19 as they will be sent home. 

As you will be aware, ‘The Rule of Six’ came into force yesterday meaning that it is illegal for anyone in England to meet in homes, or outside, in groups of more than six.  It is important for all students to recognise that they must observe this new law on the way to, and on the way home from school and your support in reinforcing this with your child would be most appreciated.  We would also remind you that students of secondary school age should wear a mask/face covering, under the same conditions as adults, in shops and on all public transport.  



If you have any queries please contact us in the normal way. Unfortunately, parents are not allowed on the school site at present.

The below site offers practical advice and links to age appropriate online safety activities which students may find useful to complete at home:


Page Downloads Date  
Visitor Declaration 14th Mar 2020 Download
Message from GLF CEO 20th Mar 2020 Download
Offsite provision letter 20th Mar 2020 Download
Onsite provision letter 20th Mar 2020 Download
Rule of 6 update 15th Sep 2020 Download